March 13, 2010

Intelligence department? The rest of the people are dumb?

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:35 pm by Marcos Krucken Pereira

JBS Controller, Joesley Batista, said: “Some companies create intelligence department. Wow, that’s nice. There is few genius there and a bunch of idiots in the rest of the company ?”

Gabriel Giarnodoli

That is a symptom of the wrong conception of the competitive intelligence in many companies.  JBS has an aggressive acquisition strategy, but appears that they don´t research the company before buying it. At least nothing but their financial conditions and their market share, so they don´t know what the future of the company will be like.

What is the point of owning (or outsourcing) an intelligence department? The information you need to take your next decision (i.e.: between acquiring company acme or xyz) may be lost in thousand of publications, online information or in consumer and suppliers surveys. Zipcast online ( states that:

“With unstructed web content doubling every 3 months, it’s not just about finding stuff. Okay, full stop: it was never just about finding stuff. It’s always been about using brains and context to crystallize massive amounts of info into small gems of intelligence” .

The objective of the competitive intelligence is to know earlier what will happen (and make the best decision) AuroraWDC ( states that competitive intelligence is the core of competitive strategy. Isaac Asimovi said that the most exciting about science is not “Eureka”, but “That is strange”, because is something that is out of the patterns, out of the plan. And so, it´s for competitive intelligence.

If you are planning (and competing), it´s important to know what will happen, when it will happen and how it will affect you strategy (so you can answer it before you need it). Plans are based on information and trends that has less probability to change. If this trends change, you can have a great strategic issue and your business may be completely useless.


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