March 8, 2010

News from Google

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SCIA Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association – Competitive
SCIA aims to enhance and support education, exchange and problem solving for the Swisscompetitive intelligence professionals community.
Latest Activity on Competitive… –

What would be the best way to market or sell Pay Per Click Market 
By admin
Marketers constantly do test to verify the state of their competitors – that’s part of the competitive intelligence. Hint: the important word in ‘competitive intelligence‘ is not the word ‘competitive‘. Frankly, i cannot imagine how you 
Payperclick Affiliate Programs –

Trade Shows – Can You Really Afford not to Go? | Selling Put Options
By admin
There are multiple advantages to be gained from exhibiting including gaining competitive intelligence, meeting buyers and generating leads, meeting the press and other members of the distribution channel, and most importantly, to sell. 
Selling Put Options –

Commercial Competition Births Corporate Espionage | Business and 
A Private CIA for Small Business, Specializing in Corporate Espionage, Industrial Espionage, Economy Espionage, TSCM, Debugging, Competitive IntelligenceIntelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Technical Surveillance , Espionage 
Business and Job Info –

Make Money at Home Online With Maverick Money Makers | SEO Products
By admin
Members will learn about skills like competitive intelligence, affiliate marketing, traffic generation, domain name selection, and website creation. Mindset Coaching- One of the most difficult aspects of being successful online is 
SEO Products –

Business Competitive Intelligence Concentration | The Walker 
The Mercyhurst Business Competitive Intelligence program prepares students for careers as research analysts for business and industry. 

Competitive Intelligence Data Sources & Best Practices 
Competitive intelligence, the “what else”, is one of the core tenets of Web Analytics 2.0. The reason is simple: The ecosystem within which you function on 

Competitive Intelligence Basics Workshop – European Patent Office
This workshop conveys the fundamentals needed to conduct research efficiently, master information overload, use analytical tools intelligently, implement CI 


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  1. marcoskp said,

    Sounds like CI is getting more and more important as internet becomes a good and reliable public information supplier.

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